Jon Elliot

Over the years I have worked with many things: clocks, watches, radios, musical instruments, electronic components, wires, wood, sheet metal, engines, electrics, pipe work, bricks, mortar, plaster, concrete, plants, soil, photo-sensitive acetate film, chemicals, paper, paint, light, actors, numbers, vectors, instructions, technicians, stages, humans… I could go on.

In the mid 90s I discovered the Chinese Taoist arts, which helped me to discover the beauty in all things. I discovered new ways to rearrange some of them, helping them to unlock their inherent natural beauty.

Branston Mistress 17W valve amplifier “Cherylyn” finished in sheer fabric and varnish, Sept 2014

“Emela aged 1”, shot in out of date Fujichrome on a Pentax MX & “corrected” with Photoshop, August 2009

Werewolf Workshop at Shepton Mallet Digital Arts Festival, 10th November 2012