The Lombard Method at The Meter Room
The Meter Room, Coventry
8 August - 8 September, 2011

Group discussion at The Meter Room

The Lombard Method at Meter Room was the first in a series of residencies at Meter Room under the banner ʻInputʼ, whereby independent curators and artist-run organisations are offered the Meter Room project space to use as their own studio for a four week period in which to generate new collaborations and site-specific responses. ʻInputʼ residencies aim to contribute to ongoing discourse on the hybridised role of the artist-curator, and the forms and function of the studio-gallery.
Members of The Lombard Method used the residency for a series of overnight discussion sessions regarding artistic practice and wider discursive subject matter. Using the extensive prior knowledge of individual practices and the intimacy evolved over the group’s two year history the group re-questioned fundamentals within each others practices. Acting on the outcomes of these discussions the Meter Room also became a site for the production of new work.