The Lombard Method at The Event
21 - 30 October, 2012

As part of The Event, Birmingham’s third bi-annual visual art festival, The Lombard Method transformed its studios and gallery into a site of dialogue between galleries and artists from across the UK. A concatenation of exhibitions, screenings, and performances within The Lombard Method gave physical realisation to the studio’s short history of supportive networks. Artist John Walter was invited to perform the role of host for the opening night, serving gin and tonics in full costume from his lubricious bar-come-gallery, Lezi-Bar. The physical structure of The Lombard Method was adapted, responding to the requirements of the 10 invited organisations and artists (Bristol Diving School, David Dale Gallery, g39, Generator Projects, Ikon, John Walter, Malgras|Naudet, Meantime, Rhubaba, and S1), resulting in a range of temporary gallery sites.

Left to Right: Jonathan Kelham (Meantime) Bristol Diving School 

Rosie Dalton and Niamh Conneely (g39) 

Left to Right: Rosie Dalton and Niamh Conneely (g39) James Bell (Generator Projects) Jonathan Kelham (Meantime) 

Jonathan Kelham, Meantime 

John Walter, Lezi-Bar 

Foreground:James Clarkson (S1) Background: Emily Musgrave, Charlotte A Morgan (S1) 

Left to Right: Emily Musgrave, Charlotte A Morgan (S1) 

Emily Musgrave (S1) 

Joseph Cutts (S1) 

Giuseppe Mistretta (David Dale Gallery) 

Alan Currall (Rhubaba) 

Alan Currall (Rhubaba) 

Alan Currall (Rhubaba) 

The Invisible Committee Prestwich and Whitefield Branch (Malgras|Naudet)