The Lombard Method at Article
School of Art, Birmingham
14 - 18 March 2011

Members of The Lombard Method were invited back to Birmingham City University, where seven of the eight artists studied, to exhibit at the university’s new project space ‘Article’. The Lombard Method invited Sean Edwards to curate the exhibition, and write a short text;

. . .This may be an exhibition brought about solely by location, coincidence and time, all of the artists graduated within a year of each other, but what is clear from these range of practices brought together is that the Lombard Method is clearly more than just a studio space. Having been involved in various knowledge sharing events in the wider field of Birmingham and beyond, what runs through this group is a sense that through enquiry comes a new understanding of both the future and the past. That in dialogue, what appears to have been and what could be is never fixed but always open to change. . .

Foreground: Adam Smythe. Background (left to right): Matt Foster, Joanne Masding.

Foreground (left to right): Joanne Masding, Matt Foster. Background (left to right): Tim Stock, Adam Smythe.

Foreground: Matt Foster. Background: Joseph Welden.

Joanne Masding, Show Your Workings [(un)ravelled lollipop sticks].

Joanne Masding, Trouble in the Bored.

Adam Smythe, How to find the moisture content of aggregates.

Adam Smythe, How to find the moisture content of aggregates.

Joseph Welden, DNF.

Joseph Welden, Sweating Because You Are Fanning Because You Are Sweating.

Matt Geden, Intervention.

Tim Stock, 110302 B4 7XG A+B.