The Estate of Alex Bloom
7 - 22 January 2011

The Estate of Alex Bloom. 2011.

For their short period in residence artists Magnus Quaife, Sovay Berriman, Joe Devlin, Paul Cordwell used The Lombard Method as testing ground to explore working with the estate of another artist, Alex Bloom. The project is ongoing involving a variety of artists including Luis Alvarez.

Collectively we came together to make art and, as a group, we quickly became as concerned with what that might mean as we were with whatever we may have made. We had managed to build art together but never entirely lost ourselves, each of us maintained a presence. So when by chance the opportunity to manage the estate of the artist Alex Bloom presented itself it seemed as if we might finally be able to deny our own hands through adopting the roles of curator, administrator, and executor. It was with resoluteness and sobriety that we contemplated this act of self sacrifice before accepting the gift as it had been offered. We now come together at Lombard Method to consider the artworks, artefacts, and ephemera left in our charge and to start to form strategies for how we might work with the estate of Alex Bloom.