Graduate Residency & Open Studio
3 - 5 February 2012

Our annual Graduate Residency was awarded to Birmingham City University graduates Ryan Hughes and Winston Thornton-Clarke, culminating in a 3 day exhibition coinciding with The Lombard Method annual Open Studio.
Hughes uses pseudo-architecture and techno culture to critique a web of global communication, web 2.0 and social media. During the residency Hughes explored ideas of remoteness and dislocation, establishing heterotopic environments through a series of video works, and produced a publication documenting mediated correspondence with the directors of The Lombard Method.
Thornton-Clarke uses installation to investigate the comprehension of space and memory. His work distorts familiar sites into spatially salient reconfigurations, creating dynamic environments in which associative elements interrupt formal perceptions of space. Thornton-Clarke produced a new work during his residency in response to the architecture of The Lombard Method.

Winston Thornton-Clark, Untitled. 

Ryan Hughes, Untitled (network of artist-led activity).