Exhaustion & Exuberance
Eastside Projects, Birmingham
10 September 2011

The Lombard Method, Falafel Rocher

Exhaustion and Exuberance was a daylong event at Eastside projects, with innovative artists and groups from across the UK invited to share knowledge and exchange ideas about notions of success and survival. The event featured a series of actions, social platforms, food, and silk-screen printing from: Aid & Abet (Cambridge), An Endless Supply (Birmingham), BAZ (Birmingham), Castlefield Gallery (Manchester), Institute for Boundary Interactions (Nottingham), Other Asias (London/Lahore/Dhaka), Outpost (Norwich), Tactile Bosch (Cardiff), The Royal Standard (Liverpool), and The Lombard Method.
During the day The Lombard Method presented ‘Falafel Rocher’, a portable and ever adapting food stand, serving a pyramid of falafel. The food stand is used as an entry point into the discussion of possible solutions and resilient models for art production and dissemination in the 21st century, and has previously exhibited in reconfigured forms at the Outpost Summer Fayre, and Dense Cluster at Bristol Diving School.