Artist Film Fortnight
6-23 November

A series of events celebrating artist's moving image and the conclusion of our 2012-13 programme.

Something like a wrap-party, the fortnight will reflect some of the artistic concerns of those we have worked with during the past year, and marks the end of this year's programme.

Narrative day
6, 7, 8, 23 November, 12-6pm (as part of the Engage conference Fringe programme)
Limulus, 2013, video, stereo sound, 11 minutes 43 seconds, Karen Kramer
Questions for the Time Being, 2011, HD video, 5 minutes 23 seconds, Edmund Cook
Call of the Klondike, 2012, video, 7 minutes 18 seconds (looped), Alice Evans

CG day
12 November, 6-8pm
Rainbow Narcosis, 2012, CGI animated HD film, 8 minutes 46 seconds, Jonathan Monaghan
In the Long Tail, 2009, documentation from the Abrons Art Centre (via YouTube), 58 minutes 40 seconds, Mark Leckey
I am Proud of People, 2013, HD video, 10 hours, Matthew Ferguson

Broadcast day ***ONLINE***
17 November
Quadrat I & II, 1982, TV short, 20 minutes, Samuel Beckett

Katherine's day, 'Joints in Associate Scenes', curated by Katherine Fishman
20 November, 6-8pm, followed by drinks and discussion with Katherine and some of the featured artists at The White
Swan, Bradford Street.
Free Radicals, 2013, video, 5 minutes 45 seconds, Patrick Goddard
Pole Man, 2012, HD video, 9 minutes 53 seconds (looped), Alex Culshaw
Dentist, 2009, single screen video, 1 minute 16 seconds (looped), Olga Koroleva
All of its Experience is Lost, 2013, silent HD video, 11 minutes, Alice Gale-Feeny
Walking Woman, 2012, HD video, 10 seconds (looped), Alex Culshaw
Marganith, 2012, HD video, 13 minutes 17 seconds, Tzion Abraham Hazan

Groundhog day ***ONLINE***
22 November
They Think They Can Fix You, 2012, looped HD video, Oliver Sutherland
Feral, 2008, wall painting video projection (via Vimeo), 2 minutes 21 seconds, Torsten Lauschmann
Plus special guest

Wrap party
23 November
Another opportunity to see Narrative Day, followed by drinks to celebrate the launch of The Lombard Method Annual 2013, published by An Endless Supply.
12-6pm, Narrative day
6-8pm, The Lombard Method Annual launch
8pm and beyond, Wrap Party!